Tyla talks Global Success of “Water”, Debut Album & Being a Fangirl to Tems on “The Dotty Show”

Tyla talks Global Success of “Water”, Debut Album & Being a Fangirl to Tems on “The Dotty Show”

Tyla, the South African singer songwriter who is the creative behind the song “Water” whose dance challenge has taken over TikTok is the latest guest on The Dotty Show on Apple music and she lets listeners in on how it feels like to have a global hit, her ambitions for world domination, her debut album, and what’s like being a famous. She also talks about being a fangirl to Tems, why it would be cute to have had Rema take her to prom, her biggest ick, and her most surprising DM slide.

“Since I could remember, I always saw myself on the biggest stages, like performing with the biggest people, huge crowds, like pop star vibes. So that’s always been the goal,” Tyla said, while discussing her ambitions for world domination, adding that she hopes to emulate Rihanna. “Like, she’s the perfect example coming from somewhere the outside of America, like killing the music, fashion, beauty, like everything. Like that’s the goal,” she said.

Being famous comes with its price. For Tyla, she can no longer go to a theme park in South Africa that she loves. “It’s called Go Reef City. I can’t go, I can’t. It’s a whole thing. Like in general, I can’t just make decisions like this. I can’t say, let me go here, let go there. Like it has to be a whole thing, which is something I need to get used to,” she said, adding, “I’m the type of person to just go to the shop wearing two different shoes, like two different socks, hoodie messy hair, like I’m that type of person, but I can’t really do that anymore because I mean, any picture, hey, you have to be on point. But I mean, it’s what comes with it.”

About her debut Album, Tyla says she’s “ready to show everyone for real.” “Like ‘Water’ is killing it, and I just want people to have more music out that’s my sound and my vibe so they can get to know me as an artist. I don’t wanna just be a song, you know? So I’m very excited. We have the cover, we have the name, everything is ready for this.” She says fans should expect “a fresh sound. More bangers, like a lot of bangers. Afropiano, pop, piano, Afrobeats. Like it’s Africa to the world for real, but also mixing it with my pop and RnB influence, so yeah I think it’s gonna be amazing. Can’t wait for everyone to hear.

Tyla talks Global Success of “Water”, Debut Album & Being a Fangirl to Tems on “The Dotty Show”

See highlights of the interview below:

Tyla on Being South African
Yo, it’s a flex. Like, I keep saying it like, it’s such a flex to be from South Africa, especially right now. Like South Africa has changed completely since Amapiano sort of booming and it’s doing what it’s doing. Like the vibe in South Africa is completely different. Everyone has the sense of pride for our country and we are always bragging about it. We know that we have the source, the parties in South Africa are crazy and yeah, I’m just happy that I’m able to be one of the artists to push it more.

On the Global Success of “Water”
It’s exciting! Yo, I just love seeing the videos. People tag me, and seeing like Megan Thee stallion use it, Christina Aguilera, Tinashe, like all these crazy people that I look up to using my song, it doesn’t feel real and it’s all happening all at once.

Most Surprising DM slide
Gunna. It wasn’t a slide. I don’t think so. Like, I like when I get DMs from people, I don’t try to think, okay, this guy wants my bums, you know. Like that’s not what I wanna assume off the bat, you know? He just said that the music’s dope, you know, and he wants to work. So I’m like, okay Gunna! I never expected you to like the vibes, but, okay.

Tyla talks Global Success of “Water”, Debut Album & Being a Fangirl to Tems on “The Dotty Show”

Celebrity She would Have Most Liked to Have Taken her to Prom
Ooh, I don’t really have celebrity crushes. Eh, but I think it would be cool if maybe Rema, would be cute.

Dotty: I saw you hanging out with Rema like last year. Like you guys got pictured together…

Tyla: Yeah. That was so dramatic. After that situation I realised Hollywood vibes? You can’t trust everything you see. Because that looked like a scandal. But yeah, just friends.

On Being a Fangirl to Tems
I have to try my best to be composed. I think I was really a fan girl when I saw Tems. Yeah, because I really look up to Tems, like I love her to bits, so when I saw her, and she looks so beautiful, like in person… She’s tall. She looks like from a different world. It was crazy. Like, I just love her and we were speaking and she said she was proud and she was so nice. But I always like, I really don’t like when people have their phones and they’re trying to record the moments. Like, I find it so awkward. Like, Like the interaction was genuine, so that was good.

On Whose Instagram she stalks
I’m really exposing myself on this Dotty show, but I look at… you know, Duke Dennis and Kai Cenat?. That whole AMP house. They do this thing in Atlanta where they do these shows, like their streams. Hey guys. But I only watch because Duke Dennis is fine.

Tyla’s Biggest ick
Um, a lot of girls say this, but like, honestly seeing a guy’s crack is just like no ways. Like no ways. Like why is your crack showing? That’s my biggest, I can’t. It’s just like, why can’t you feel the breeze? Do you not know that your whole crack is out?

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