Mide Fash Makes Musical Debut with “Gold And Fire” | Listen

Mide Fash Makes Musical Debut with “Gold And Fire” | Listen

Spoken word poet Ayomide Fasedu makes her entry into the music scene under the moniker Mide Fash with the release of her first single, “Gold And Fire”.

A juxtaposition of Afro-Soul music elements and R&B  is laid over relaxing piano notes and trumpet chords on “Gold And Fire.” Mide sings about the quality of love she enjoys from her lover, switching from English to Yoruba language to express the emotions she feels as she likens said lover to gold and fire; a curious type that causes no harm when it burns.

Inspired by her earthy roots and literary background, Mide Fash explores her deep interest in the concept of love and chaos. According to her, her debut “Gold And Fire” captures the playful sound between the sweetness of love and the potential for chaos, creating a soulful and effervescent sound

Listen below:


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