Damson Idris is Essence’s ‘Sexiest Man Of The Moment’

Damson Idris is Essence's 'Sexiest Man Of The Moment'

British Nigerian actor, Damson Idris shines as the star of Essence Magazine’s ‘Sexiest Man Of The Moment’ issue. Described as “confident, with a charisma that reminds you of the Old Hollywood greats he speaks of with admiration,” Damson graces the cover with his aura.

The American monthly lifestyle magazine goes on to paint a picture of Damson’s’ undeniable presence: “The Foundation of a man. He stands 6’1, with deep auburn skin and a 4K pearly smile that glistens like ultraviolet rays off charcoal mines in the deepest sands off the coast of Nigeria. Yes, it’s that deep. His charm is tangible. His infectiousness is palatable. His future is limitless.”

For the Essence ‘Sexiest Man Of The Moment’ May/June issue, the London-born and bred actor opens up about fatherhood, his love for his mother, Black women, staying humble, and the exciting top-secret project he’s working on after “Snowball.”

He also discusses his views on beauty, fashion, and the lessons he’s learned about protecting his privacy.

See excerpts from the interview:

Damson Idris is Essence's 'Sexiest Man Of The Moment'
On the relationship with his mother and his love for black women

“My mother’s name is Silifat Abike Idris,” the actor says. “She is my hero, my best friend, my guru. Something she always reminds me about is to be humble, however high I climb.”

“My mother is a Black woman, and that love stays with me. I feel protected by Black women. I feel loved by Black women. I feel at home.”

On his future fatherhood ambitions

“Oh, man, I’ll be the best dad. It doesn’t matter what age I’ll be, I’ll still be the cool dad. Like, yeah, My dad’s coming to pick me up from school. I’ll just love it, you know? I love kids. Being an uncle is amazing, because I get to take the baby and then give it back—but I can’t wait to be a father and have a big family.”

On how he feels like he is one of Essence’s sexist men of the moment

“I have no idea! [laughs] But I’m beautiful. I didn’t mean that.

“If I wasn’t me, I’d be like, Oh, that guy cares. That guy cares about what he’s doing, aside from aesthetics or whatever. I think if you care about what you do, that’s sexy—and that’s inspiring. So, yeah, maybe that’s why I’m sitting here in this chair.”

Damson Idris is Essence's 'Sexiest Man Of The Moment'

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